Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tonight is game 2 of the second round on the playoffs and although the Mavs had a ruff start on game 1 and tonight's game is not looking pretty me and Blakely decided to watch the game together. She seemed to be in to the game at first but by the time halftime came she was out. Hopefully she can stay awake during the next game so she can watch the Mavs make a comeback to win the series.......

Yesterday we went down to see Our friend Danielle who just had a baby a few weeks ago, on the way there Blakely was not in in her comfort zone so we decided to try Madam Blueberry to see if she would calm down and sure enough.

If you dont know about Madam Blueberry you have to watch this video of Blakely watching the movie on tv. Who would of thought that a 4 month old baby would be so interested on a tv show.

I guess we should of brought the movie in to Danielle's house because for some reason Blakely just wasn't been her happy self, she usually loves to take pictures, or at least she pretends to.
Yesterday was a totally different deal, she just didn't want to sit still for a picture.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The joy of living close to work

Today I went home at lunch and when I got there, my little Star was shining extra bright.
She looked super cute and it seemed like a very nice day outside, not to enjoy the pretty weather.

We went to pick something up to eat and Blakely seems to enjoy riding in the car because not too long after we left the food place she fell asleep

For some reason when we were taking the pictures outside she was more interested in looking at the grass, maybe because its the first time she has actually looked at it from close up?
Last Sunday we went for a walk to the park. What was supposed to be a simple walk turned into her having to wear.... a big bow, sunglasses, and leg warmers. (thanks to her mom) lol

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Late Easter

Easter has once again come and gone. This year was different than any other before. I always looked at people doing the whole egg hunt stuff and I never did care much for it. We still didn't do any of that stuff but we took a step in that Direction. On Friday We took Blakely to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny at the mall. By far that was the creepiest thing that I have seen in a while, luckily Blakely slept through the whole thing and when she decided to wake up she open her eyes looked at the Creepy bunny and went back to sleep.

This is what the picture turned out like.

On the way out of the mall we stopped by the photo booth thing and took a picture together. The last time I was inside one of those things was when I was back in high schoolThe next day was a fun day, I had to work in the morning but when i got home it was nice to see Blakely in her Easter Pajamas.

Once Sunday came we had planned to go to church, but like always we ended up missing the first service so we ended up going to the afternoon service. Blakely was dressed in a cute little dress with her little white sweeter and her BIG bow that her Nonnie made her.

After church we came home and Blakely got to enjoy some of her Easter presents that the Easter Bunny (Nonnie) gave her . Although she was all smiles with her new sunglasses, I think the one that caught her eye the most was her Exersaucer, but then again pictures are worth a thousand words and this one shows her interest in her new toy very well.

Of course we had to take our picture on Easter :) which will be printed and framed so it can go up on my desk at work.

When it was time for bed it was time for a new outfit of course. Her little onesie said 'My First Easter'. The ears were a great touch that Karen found at Target.

I hope everyone had a great Easter like we did. I am looking forward to next years picture with the Easter bunny, just for the fact that I am sure Blakely will not be as calm as she was this year.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

91 Days and Counting..........

As of yesterday, My dear Blakely is 3 months old. Just to think that 91 days ago, what seemed to be a normal doctor's visit turned out to be the birthday of my daughter. We all sure have come along way, I remember when she was first born I was so scared to change her diaper, or I couldn't figure out how to get the baby from someone else Now things are totally different, sometimes I time myself to see how fast I can change her diaper... or I sit her up and let her balance herself. Don't worry i am still holding her in a way that she is not in any kind of danger. Look at the pictures below and Look at how much she has grown.

This picture were taken when she was about a week old

And I took these yesterday

She Sure is changing alot, and from the look on the picture below, so have I.

I Love you Blakely.... Daddy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is that a bird? is that an airplane? No its .......

It is Blakely's foot

At first when she saw it, she seemed really concerned about it but once she saw that it was safe she couldnt stop trying to grab it. Of course me been the good dad that I am I gave her a little help by picking it up for her.

It was the cutest thing <----I am saying that with a manly deep voice.
at one point she even tried to stick her foot in her mouth. I guess she likes the way her hand tastes so she wanted to give the foot a try.

Also now that the walls are painted is time to start decorating.. Here are a few frames that we have with some of our favorite pictures of Blakely

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bad Bad weekend

When I wake up on Fridays I am always in a happy mood, I'm not sure if its because I know once the clock hits the 5pm mark then It's time to have fun and relax. This weekend was no different than any other, I woke up, went to work and once it was 5 o clock me and a few co-workers headed out to a Local place called Mariano's to celebrate one of Our co-workers anniversary. Everyone had a good time and seemed to be enjoying each others company. Having a good time with some friends is a good way to start the weekend right?
When Saturday came along things did not start to go as well as they should have gone. What seemed to be a very small project turned into a weekend nightmare. Painting a room is one easy way to give it a new look...not only is it easy and cheap, but its also a fast project. When I say fast I should point out that it should be fast as long as everything goes smooth.

The Game plan

Getting your tools together: It is nice to have everything ready so you don't have to stop in the middle of something to go get something you need.
Prep time: Probably the most important part of the process, when you prep a room right it will always make the cleanup alot easier.
Action time: Thats what I like to call the time where I am actually doing the work.
Clean up Time: well ummm the time you take to clean the mess.
Touch up time: Hopefully there is not much to touch up.
Happy time: When the room is put back together and you get to enjoy your new painted room.

Ha, that is how its supposed to go. This time it seemed like luck was not on my side at all. Everything was great and it seemed like I was on schedule until I ran out of paint and still had a section about 3x6 that still needed to get painted and a few other spots that needed touch up.
Thats where all the fun began. I decided to call it a day on Saturday after the paint ran out so there could be some family time to enjoy.
"Sunday morning Time to finish up", thats what went trough my mind. I took a picture with my phone of the label on the paint can and headed to Home Depot. When I got to the paint department I showed the guy the picture and told him that i need it a quart of paint of that color, he looked at me like I was dumb and then told me "Sr., you have to bring a sample of the color so I can match it" ????? well it turns out that I bought that paint at Lowes, not Home Depot.
I should of known then that it was going to be a bad day. I drove to Lowes and when I got there I did the same thing, showed the guy in the paint department the picture and asked him for a quart of paint in that color, after all I just have a small 3x6 area and a few other places to touch up. I got the paint and headed home to finish up the small project. Once I started to paint and started to touch up all the small spots that needed some attention I realized that the paint was not exactly the same color. I told myself maybe it has to dry more for the right color to come out. I kept painting in small areas that needed some paint and by the time I was done I realized the paint was dry and the color was different. I got a little mad and frustrated but there was nothing I could do about it by this point. I drove back to Lowes with both my original can of paint that I started with and the quart of paint that I had just purchased. When I arrived there I explained to the people at the paint department what had happened and they were nice enough to make me another quart. This time before I left the store I decided to check the color on both my original can and the new one they gave me and it was still wrong. So they said "no problem we can match it". yeah right, an hour and a half later I was still standing at the paint counter while they kept adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that to the paint so they could try to match my original color. When I noticed it was almost the same I told them to go ahead and stop while they ware ahead and they gave me a gallon of paint for the price of a quart. Not a bad deal after all I had been there for a long time. When I got home I tried the New paint and waited for it to dry and turns out that you could tell the difference between the 2 colors. Long story short The entire room was repainted completely all because I ran out of paint the first time........

Happy time Finally arrived tonight around 10 pm. A project that should of taken a few hours took 2 full days. Am I happy with the results? yes, I totally am.... but I think Ms. Blakely is not. she didn't seem to recognize the room when it was done.

On a happy note, Blakely sat in her big girl high chair for the first time on Saturday, luckily she still looks tiny in it :)
With a little Help...

On her own..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day Off...

I often forget how nice it is to have a day off during the week. Not only did I get to go back to sleep this morning until 10am but I got to spend some time with my little lady. Last week we were lucky enough to have Tia Ju-Ju and the boys in from out of town for a week and while they were here she took the kids somewhere and took some pictures of them in the pretty Blue Bonnets. Well today since I was home we decided that it would be a great day to go give it a try and take a few more pictures of Blakely out by the flowers. After looking at Tia Ju-Ju's pictures I knew that mine would not turn out as good as hers but I think overall they came out ok. I look forward to more days off so I can spend some more loving time with my Little star.

Here are a few of the pictures I took..

and my favorite picture of all is :

Friday, March 20, 2009

Well the 2 month mark has passed and the 3 month is slowly creeping in. My dear Blakely keeps getting bigger and bigger. In the last month alot of things have happened, from her sitting on her bumbo chair to me taking her to her doctor appointment on my own. (I am happy to let yall know that it went great) I was told by the doctor that she is as healthy as she can be, he also told me that she was bigger than 75% of other baby's her age. Did he tell me she was healthy just to get me ready for the news that my child has grown faster than others? I think so.
Maybe growing faster is not a bad thing, last week we heard her say "mom", everyone in the room stopped doing what they were doing and got quiet for a second. Did she just say that? yes she did.. There have been a few other times when we think she is saying something but then again... come on, she is only 11 weeks old how can she possibly be saying things?

Here are a few pictures that have been taken in the past few weeks in order from oldest on top to the newst one at the end of this post. Hope you enjoy.

"Meet the baby" back in January. All the parents and Bethany changing diapers.

Blakely's First trip out of state on Valentines weekend

Blakely got her new swing and seems to love it,

Blakely has a new friend

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy

Blakely and Daddy's trip to the doctor

A few minutes after Blakely got her shots she was out zzzzzzz

Brent Came to visit

She took a nap in her crib

2 month photo shoot

2 month photo shoot

2 month photo shoot

She sat in her bumBo chair

A day at the park on Tia Rey-Rey's birthday

Not sure when this was taken but she looks beautiful so im putting it on here :)